Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post: Read These Information To Write A Guest Post!

About general informatiol Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post

This post on the Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post will help the readers to learn the format of guest content.

Are you a content writer who posts content on online websites? Are you getting exposure worldwide? You can contribute to Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post for the Craigmontchiefs website. This opportunity is a good chance for those who have studied travel and tourism as they can put more knowledge into the guest content. But, before one starts writing the travel guest article, read the guidelines. 

About Craigmontchiefs

It is a multi-tasking platform that gives exposure to the contributors and illuminates the knowledge of the readers. The opportunities like Travel Paid + Write for Us will help the learners to get information on tourism and travel. Our focus also distributes on other sides of updates like educational information, news, international news, travel, tourism, website reviews, investment, celebrities, bitcoin, digital marketing, science, beauty, fashion, home decor, health, product reviews, mutual funds, politics, entertainment, manufacturing, laws, books, and other trending updates. 

Learn Some Important Tips For Write for Us Travel Paid

The senders cannot write the article until they have read the tips on our website. These guidelines are specially written to guide the new contributors who have started this work recently. Kindly learn the rules of the Craigmontchiefs.

  • The spam rate on hyperlinks cannot go beyond 3 percent. You may ensure the limit by checking the hyperlinks used in “Write for Us”+Travel Paid on online spam detection tools.
  • The content must have no grammar or spelling mistakes. These mistakes can be rectified using online tools. 
  • If you are copying lines or more than 3-4 words directly from the web pages, it will be considered copied content which is unacceptable. 
  • The contributors should write at least five hundred to thousand words in the “Write for Us” + “Travel Paid”
  • To make the write-up more appealing, one can install pictures from the internet and add them to the content. 
  • We prescribe you check the readability score on the guest article. It should be greater than 90%. 
  • The hyperlinks should be added in the write-up only after completing 70-80 percent content. 
  • You need to write reliable and worthwhile information in the Write for Us+Travel Paid. The readers must get some interest in your post. 
  • The prescribed length of description by our team is a minimum of 96 characters and a maximum of 160 characters.
  • A total of 160 words should be calculated altogether in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. 
  • You can change the text color for operative words and central links. It can be shown in blue. You can also change the hyperlink’s color to green. 

Topics For Travel Paid Write for Us!

  • How to influence tours and travel in our country?
  • Contribution of Tourism and Travel to GDP
  • Best Countries to Experience Snowfall
  • Affordable Mountainside To Travel
  • Travel: Meaning and Significance

If you feel that you will not get many ideas from the Travel guest article, then you may be wrong as travel is one of the most exciting topics of all. 

Why select Craigmontchiefs for “Write for Us” + Travel Paid?

The senders are free always. They can decide the best for themselves. They can choose the platform of their choice and can start growing their career. But, if they have chosen us, then it is our responsibility to give them the best.

  • This page got high traffic on every post. 
  • The rank given on SERP is amazing. 
  • We got SEO-approved titles every time. 

Do you need to be perfect for writing Travel Paid + “Write for Us”?

If you think that you have to perfect in every aspect to be a contributor to our guest post section, then you are misunderstood. It has nothing to do with education or experience in content writing. You should be a sorted researcher who knows to research the content very well.

How to send the Travel Paid “Write for Us”?

You can share the write-up at the Craigmontchiefs website’s EMAIL ID ([email protected]). We are surely going to reply to each sender as every sender is precious to us. If your article is eligible to be posted on our site, we will inform the sender within a day. 


Summing up this post on Write for Us + Travel Paid, the readers must start their research on Travel guest content for our domain, Craigmontchiefs (https://craigmontchiefs.org/). You are free to ask any interrogations. 

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