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This post on General Write for Us Guest Post will give some valuable suggestions on the format of the guest post. Please read to know more.

Are you keen to publicize your articles on an online platform? Have you selected any platforms? If you are thinking of sharing General Write for Us Guest Post for the Craigmontchiefs site, then you are probably on a right track. The senders may be looking for the factors that can help them to become a part of our contributor team. Here, we are going to suggest to you all some crucial tips that will surely be going to help all the senders.

About Craigmontchiefs Website

People who have joined us recently may not know much about us. We invite posts like General + Write for Us from experienced, new, or ghost contributors who always desire to grab the best opportunities. We give information on day-to-day updates. These updates can be based on films, metaverse, politics, entertainment, website reviews, news, sports, industry, pets, product reviews, investment, health, fashion, bitcoin, law, education, business, technology, history, science, international news, famous personalities, etc.

Important Rules For Write for Us General

Every platform works systematically only if it follows some rules. Without rules, nothing can be run properly. We have also decided on some rules for our contributors that can help you to get qualified for our website. So, kindly get in touch with us only after reviewing these rules.

  • We request every sender to keep the “Write for Us”+General mistakes-free. These mistakes can either be grammatical or spelling. 
  • Kindly check the characters in the description. It cannot be less than 96 and more than 160. 
  • We have prescribed the limit of words in the introduction plus conclusion section. The total length must be 160 words. 
  • The word length of the entire article must be 500 to 1000 words.
  • The “Write for Us” + “General” should be written based on authentic information. The audience must find your article worthwhile.
  • The spam rate must not be determined by more than 2 to 3 percent on external links. 
  • The 2 do follow link must be added once the contributor has completed 70 to 80 percent article. 
  • If you have copied exact lines from the web on Write for Us+General, then your guest article will not be considered by our team. Ensure 0% plagiarism. 
  • The green texture is used to spotlight external links while the Blue texture is used to indicate keywords or internal links.
  • The readability count must be 90% or more.
  • One can attach a picture to make the article more appealing.
  • Abusive linguistics is prohibited. Write in a decent language. 

Headlines for Write for Us + General

The general guest post describes any topic that is very common to read. You can select any topic under this category and make worthwhile content for the readers. You may choose any informative topic and provide details.

  • How can you define a General post? 
  • General Home Decor Ideas
  • Topics Included in General Article

Why choose Craigmontchiefs for “Write for Us” + General?

Most of the contributors join those online pages that tend to give them higher exposure. It is a good criterion to opt for a platform. But, besides these, they should also check out some factors that make online sites better in class and position.

  • The main reason to choose us is that we got a high-class SERP position.
  • Our titles are approved by SEO. 

Who can write the General + “Write for Us”?

The audience must try to focus more on our rules. If you have understood all the tips and formats of the guest article, then you are free to submit the guest article. We never disqualify you based on your occupation, education, or age factors. You only need to be a sincere researcher. So, start your research and write the post.

Where to send the General “Write for Us”?

The contributors who are ready to submit the guest post can start sending them at this [email protected]. You can also drop any doubts regarding the guest article. Our publishers will get back to the seekers within 24 hours. So, kindly be patient until you receive a reply.


Ending this post on General Write for Us, we provided all the necessary information that can help you in certain ways. Still, if you need more assistance writing the Blog for Craigmontchiefs (

Did this article help you to solve your queries? If you still have any doubts, kindly feel free to ask.

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