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About general informatiol Write for Us + Sports Guest Post

This research on the Write for Us + Sports Guest Post will guide the audience on the accurate format of the sports guest article.

Do you like participating in sports? Do you wish to gain some knowledge of sports? This post can help the spirits aspirants via Write for Us + Sports Guest Post. This kind of guest post inspires true athletes or sportspersons and encourages them to build a successful career in sports. The Craigmontchiefs website gives you a wonderful opportunity to inspire other enthusiasts through an attractive guest post. So, kindly read about this page ahead.

The function of the Craigmontchiefs Website

The Craigmontchiefs website is the only online platform that shares authentic updates without any falsehood.  The Sports + Write for Us shares extremely helpful information on sports for those who love knowing more about sports and games. Every detail shared on this site is reviewed first to check its reality and then it is published. Our main focus is on several topics like education, technology, fitness, health, news, world updates, the latest international news, beauty, fashion, home decor, travel, and others. 

Informative Tips For Write for Us Sports

We would express our interest in informing our audience to learn about some important guidelines that will surely illuminate the knowledge on the format of the guest post. Here are a few rules that needed to be studied before writing content for Craigmontchiefs website.

  • You must check the score of grammar in your content. It must range between 98 to 100 percent in “Write for Us”+Sports
  • Any write-up containing piracy or duplicacy in any sentence or paragraph will be automatically rejected. Kindly ensure that you have corrected the lines by identifying the plagiarism. 
  • The contributors should maintain the word limits between operative words. A ninety or one hundred ten words must be maintained.
  • You should first check the hyperlink on the spam score detector tool before adding it to “Write for Us” + “Sports” as the range of spam count should be between 2-3%.
  • The word length of the sports guest article must be around 500 to 1000. 
  • The hyperlinks must be attached after seventy or eighty percent of the sports guest article. 
  • One must ensure that the readability count cannot be less than ninety percent.
  • Never make use of inappropriate words in the Write for Us+Sports or never write content on false information or 18 plus niches.
  • Any write-up having factual updates is likely to get more attention from readers.
  • One must insert at least two pictures to enhance the post’s glory. 
  • The audience should take care of the combined length of the introduction + conclusion which should be 160 words. 
  • A description must be 96 to 160 characters. 

Subjects For Sports Write for Us

  • Meaning and Significance of Sports
  • Career in Sports
  • Different Kinds Of Sports
  • Best Sportspersons
  • Top Richest Sportsman
  • Top Richest Sportswoman

All the topics and authentic and self-chosen. You can also pick the topics that can give your write-up high attention from the audience. You can search different topics on the internet if you are perplexed. 

Why opt for Craigmontchiefs for “Write for Us” + Sports?

Craigmontchiefs is an example of a popular website that helps in giving exposure to the work of the contributors. One should try to concentrate on the ranking of an online platform so that one can know how the website works properly. 

  • Our SERP rank is wonderful. 
  • The website gets thousand plus views daily on the website. 

Suitability For Sports + “Write for Us”

You all are suitable for writing a guest article only if you can do good and deep research on the niche. You must know to write the facts in your wording and translate web language in your own words. One should know to write good English sentences. 

Procedure To Submit Sports “Write for Us”  

You can share the content at this EMAIL ID ([email protected]). Once we receive the post on our official email id, we will review it as soon as possible. We will also reply to the audience once we have done reviewing your content. This would hardly take a day. 


Summing up this write-up on Write for Us + Sports, we have stated all valuable facts on the Sports guest article. One can start working on the sports guest post and submit it to the team Craigmontchiefs (https://craigmontchiefs.org/)

Could you suggest your ideas for the sports guest article? Kindly tell your ideologies in the reply box below.

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