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The article explains the methodologies to be adopted by the Write for Us + Education Guest Post writer while submitting their article to Craigmontchiefs.org.

Are you the person who wants to publish educational articles? Have you updated yourself with the current educational news and career options available in the recent period? Then you are most welcome to attend our Write for Us + Education Guest Post blogging opportunity. But our team expects everything to happen according to the guidelines and protocols; thus, we have clearly explained all the guidelines, and we wish the writers not to skip any of the sections of this article.

Introduction to our website “craigmontchiefs.org”

We are a team of people who guarantee our Education + Write for Us readers the high-quality and authentic content, irrespective of the popularity of the article. Because to us, every article holds significant importance as it is curated especially for our readers. And we have followed the authentic process for delivering each article.

Moreover, our high-quality contents come under the headings of

  • Website reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Business Tips
  • Gaming tips
  • Education
  • Health

Write for Us + Education Writer Preferred Educational Qualifications and Field Experience

Education is the most commonly used term in every household, regardless of a financial background; on one hand, parents work hard to ensure that their children attend a reputable institution, and on the other hand, students work hard to excel in their studies and make their parents proud. Thus, it is the responsibility of the “Write for Us” + Education writers to present the article to both the students and their parents. Their work should give them a sense of satisfaction.

Profession: University Professors, Teachers, Psychology Doctors, Educational Executives, Scholars, Educationalists, Educational Insurance Advisers, Career Guidance Experts, and Entrance Exam Coaches can take this opportunity to enlighten the minds of our readers.

Skill sets: Writers should have the ability to convey their information in an error-free English language and in an upbeat manner.

Examples of the Write for Us Education articles

Education is a very broad term, and it consists of both static and dynamic parts. We offer the liberty for the writers to choose any of these parts, but it should be mandatory in a solution-oriented manner. And if the writers still have any doubts, they can refer to the below-mentioned reference “Write for Us” + “Education” articles.

  • How can complex educational and scientific topics be easily understood?
  • Interesting methods to memorise the factual data
  • List of government programmes available to assist financially disadvantaged students
  • What changes can be made to respective countries’ educational systems?
  • Perspectives on the most beneficial online courses for students

Education Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article’s word limit is 750–2000; we ask the writers to choose a topic that can be explained within this word limit. 
  • Articles should have only proven facts and true information. Writers should only make use of legitimate sourcing websites.
  • Writers should come with their unique way of writing; please don’t copy the Write for Us+ Education content as such. Giving unique content proves the true skills of the writers. Thus, writers should give us only 100% unique articles.
  • Grammatical and punctuation errors have to be eliminated from the article. To make that happen, writers can utilise the Grammarly tool to rectify any type of major or minor grammatical error.

“Write for Us” + Education articles SEO Guidelines

  • The article should compulsorily have the “target keywords,” and those keywords should be related to the chosen topics of the writers.
  • To make efficient use of the keywords, the writers should place them consistently. Maintaining keyword density is also essential.
  • Writers should include legitimate inbound and outbound links in their articles; 2 to 3 inbound and 3 external links should suffice. 

Education + “Write for Us” writers Benefits 

  • In this online content writing field, receiving recognition for one’s work will undoubtedly lead to a more promising career path. And our platform does it regularly for our writers.
  • Our team publishes the article under the names of the respected guest post contributors, and shortly we are planning to provide a byline for all the writers. Thus, every writer will reap significant benefits from our team.

How to submit the Education “Write for Us” articles?

The writer who is willing to attempt to publish on our platform should reach us via this Email Address [[email protected]]. And kindly ask your queries at the above-mentioned mail address.


Guest blogging is one of the best ways to exhibit the talent of guest post writers, and with our team, they will surely get great exposure. Thus, we request the Write for Us + Education Guest Post writers to boldly make their attempt. Our team will be there for the Educational writers at any point, so let’s join hands to enlighten the minds of people.

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