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This post about Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading will help you know about the fraud and arrest related to the ATG model of Wahyu Kenzo.

Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading, the insane rich Surabaya, was captured for drawing in individuals overall in his business exchange gold that is extortion.

What is the speciality of ATG? Why are individuals getting drawn in towards something very similar? Who is Wahyu Kenzo? What amount did he gather from everywhere? People of Indonesia anticipate any further advances taken by the police. To know something similar, kindly read this post till the finish to have a lot of experience with Wahyu Kenzo Robot Exchanging.

What is the robot exchanging news containing?

After the news spread all over Twitter and Instagram, individuals wonder about the viral post’s substance. So Wahyu Kenzo has selected over 25k individuals overall and involved them in his ATG robot exchanging with roughly a speculation of IDR 9 trillion. The gathering individual from ATG exchanging is generally from outside the country; Toni Harmanto, the territorial examiner, expresses this.

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APA Itu Robot Exchanging when did the suspension excite

ATG robot has procured a great deal through his robot. In 2021 MY turned into a piece of the ATG robot as the organization guaranteed that the robot could get 1-3 percent of everyday benefit and the greatest misfortune will be something like 3%. In this way, MY bought it for IDR 1 billion, and it worked equivalent to said by the creators. In this way, he gave around 4 billion the other year as well.

Suspension connected with Wahyu Kenzo Robot Exchanging stirred to Me when he attempted to pull out his cash, yet the exchange fizzled. In this way, he had a go at utilizing alternate ways like pulling out a limited quantity as MY thinking it very well may be on the grounds that the sum, he entered was too high, yet each time he attempted, the truncation fizzled, and he contacted the police in the rushing about. This was the second when MY got dubious of the speculation. You can actually look at the connection in the social association with get more data about Wahyu Kenzo Robot Exchanging.

What is the step taken by the police?

On 4 walk 2023, the police got into the case and found it susceptive subsequent to researching further. Later on, 8 walk 2023, the rich Surabaya was captured and put in a correctional facility. Nonetheless, the examination of the case is as yet going on, and it’s been said that police will assist those 25 thousand individuals with getting their put away cash back.

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To sum up the subject of the ATG model that we have been examining such a long ways in the post, According to sources, Wahyu Kenzo Robot Trading has been captured by the police as he has been doing extortion connected with that ATG model. To bring more data about the ATG model, allude to this link

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the complete name of Wahyu Kenzo?

Dinar Wahyu Saptian Dyfrig.

2.When did he bear?

He was brought into the world on 21 December 1988.

3.Who is the organizer behind ATG model misrepresentation?

Wahyu Kenzo.

4.What is his occupation?

As indicated by his Instagram bio, he is a cryptographic money and unfamiliar trade trained professional.

5.Is he dynamic on Instagram?

His keep going post was on 22 December 2022.

6.What is the full type of the Wahyu Kenzo Robot Exchanging ATG model?

Auto exchange gold.

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